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Elekta Synergy Radiation Treatment System

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We know that the diagnosis of cancer may seem scary and that’s why The Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Hospital is committed to providing the very best in oncology care. The Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Hospital has the highest state-of-the-art Elekta Synergy radiation treatment system to help treat your cancer as aggressively as possible. The advanced system is the only all-digital treatment device in the world, and it allows your doctors to see your tumor at the very time of treatment. The high quality, 3-D images taken at the time of treatment can be compared to your previous CT scans quickly and precisely to make sure the doctors are treating you as accurately as possible, with the least amount of radiation affecting healthy tissue.

Elekta Synergy provides unmatched clinical confidence to more aggressively treat tumors, while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. In addition to improving accuracy, Elekta Synergy reduces or eliminates the need for implanting markers, as clinicians can visualize soft tissue detail using Elekta Synergy VolumeView™.

This low-dose imaging capability helps minimize the side effects of radiation therapy by reducing the margins previously set to account for uncertainties of target dimensions, location and movement.

We Chose Elekta

We chose an Elekta system because the company offers the world’s most advanced linear accelerators, enabling faster, more accurate treatments. Your radiation therapy treatment will be performed using technology that sets international standards for accuracy and integrated imaging. We will be able to image your tumor at the time and place of treatment. Seeing the tumor at the time of treatment allows for more precise delivery of the radiation beam to the tumor, with less impact on healthy tissue.

Elekta’s unique technology supports your physician’s ability to safely monitor the delivery of radiation using a highly advanced, fully digital control system which matches the radiation beam to the precise shape of your tumor using an advanced multi-leaf collimator (MLC). Elekta’s integrated, ultra low dose imaging technology reduces the total amount of unnecessary radiation you receive.