Caring for You

Griffin Health’s Planetree philosophy places the patient—you—at the center of care. That means we put your needs first, knowing that healthcare that works for you is what works best. Patient-centered care is what makes Griffin a true community hospital.

Advanced Technology. Compassionate Care.

Griffin Health combines patient-centered care with state-of-the-art treatment options to produce the best outcomes for you. Our suite of minimally-invasive surgical options, from vNOTES to the da Vinci surgical robot, allow you to return home sooner and heal faster than traditional surgery.

Award-Winning Care

Griffin Health is proud to be recognized for our achievements in all aspects of care, including patient outcomes, hospital safety, and overall quality of care.

Industry-Leading Services

Improve your quality of life with the wide range of unique services available at Griffin Health.
  • Center for Joint Health

    The Center for Joint Health at Griffin Hospital is part of the State of Connecticut Network of Distinction for both hip and knee replacements. Our specially trained orthopedic surgeon, Philip Minotti, MD, is renowned for his anterior approach to hip replacement, which greatly reduces pain and recovery time for patients.

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  • Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

    Get back on your feet faster with this revolutionary technique. Start walking with a special shoe almost immediately after surgery instead of the usual 6-8 weeks.

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  • Childbirth Center

    The birth of your child is a special occasion. We’ll provide friendly guidance and personalized accommodations before, during, and after your delivery to make it feel that way.

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  • Center for Cancer Care

    Make your path toward recovery a tranquil one, where you can focus on healing in a supportive environment close to home.

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  • Bariatric Surgery

    Reach your weight loss goals with the comprehensive care of Griffin Bariatric’s multidisciplinary team. We’ll learn what success means to you, and provide you the resources to achieve it.

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  • Hewitt Center for Breast Wellness

    Advanced technology and the Planetree model of care come together at the Hewitt Center for Breast Wellness. Receive state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic services in a soothing and neighborly environment.

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  • Center for Pelvic Health

    Find peace of mind as you gain the confidence to live freely. The Center for Pelvic Health at Griffin Hospital offers a comforting approach to common pelvic health problems.

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  • GFP Primary and Specialty Care

    Experience Griffin’s compassionate care wherever you go, from your primary physician to specialty referrals.

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  • Comprehensive Wound Healing Center

    Sometimes wounds heal easily, other times they require extra care. Griffin’s wound experts will support your healing every step of the way, from wound assessment, to pain management, to specialized therapy.

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  • Center for Healthy Living

    The Center for Healthy Living at Quarry Walk is a hub for comprehensive care and lifestyle support. Our various care specialists all work and collaborate under one roof, exchanging knowledge and information to provide you with complete care in a breathtaking facility.

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Healing Facilities

The environment around us can greatly affect our mood and outlook. From the cozy double beds and private showers in Griffin Health’s Childbirth Center to the serene flowing waters in the garden at the Center for Cancer Care, all of Griffin’s facilities are carefully designed to promote tranquility and healing.

Providing Leadership To Improve The Health Of The Community Served

Beyond the inpatient care and outpatient services it provides to the community, Griffin Hospital has a history of community service and social responsibility dating back to its founding in 1909. In 1970, Griffin established one of the first hospital Departments of Community Health in the country to focus on the health and well being of the community it serves, providing a variety of health screenings and preventive programs and services.

Over the past decade, however, Griffin has been expanding its reach into the community like never before. In addition to providing health information and services to the public at the hospital and other satellite locations, Griffin takes these activities into the communities where patients live, work, and worship. By offering a variety of support groups, training sessions, educational programs, and other community-based resources and activities, and collaborating with other non-profit organizations and government entities, Griffin has extended its mission “to provide leadership to improve the health of the community served” far beyond the hospital’s walls.

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Community Outreach Programs

  • Doctors

    Community service and social responsibility

    Beyond the inpatient care and outpatient services it provides to the community, Griffin Hospital has a history of community service and social responsibility dating back to its founding in 1909…

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    Community Outreach & Valley Parish Nurse Program

    The hospital established the Department of Community Outreach and Parish Nursing to fulfill its healthy community mission and goals…

  • Doctors

    Charger Health Center

    To bring services directly to students in the school system, Griffin worked with the Ansonia Board of Education to create the Charger Health Center at Ansonia High School…

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Our Staff Makes Us Who We Are

Everyone, throughout the entire Griffin Health System, works to ensure that our Planetree philosophy of patient-centered care permeates our organization on every level. By putting patients first, we have been able to achieve and sustain our high level of clinical performance and patient satisfaction, which has distinguished Griffin Hospital at both a local and national level. Griffin Hospital is dedicated to improving the health of our community, the quality of life and well being of residents. By providing leadership and resources that benefit our community, Griffin Hospital has and will continue to make the Lower Naugatuck Valley a better place in which to live, work, raise a family and enjoy life.

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